Rogue Gummy Wheels

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The unique Rogue Wheel Gummy formula is an 86a durometer that gives you a consistently smooth ride while keeping all the desired properties you need for a long lasting ride. Rogue Gummy Wheels give you the highest level of handling and grip you can count on.
The process starts with a solid hunk of 6061 aluminum, goes through programed precision machining to make the unique strong dished style hub, then ROGUE is etched out, then we anodize, rinse, dye, and give it one last rinse.  The hubs are then placed in molds where we use a MDI backbone polyurethane to finally give us a wheel!

- 6061 aluminum

- 86a durometer MDI urethane

- Aqua based bonding agent

- Rogue logos embossed in the polyurethane

- Does not include bearings or a spacer

The Rogue Gummy Wheels have a black hub and are available with red, black and blue urethane.  More colors and sizes coming soon...

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